The Usenet Diner FAQ (v1.1)

Just in case you were wondering what this is all about:


What is the Usenet Diner?
Why is the Usenet Diner called Diner?
How can I get there?
So what's available?
How can I help?
Version and contributions


What is the Usenet Diner?

The Usenet Diner is a source for information on Usenet history, technology, and culture.
It provides links to many useful resources both for users and administrators and contains
a collection of academic work on Usenet. The Web pages are maintained by Jillian and Ute .

Why is the Usenet Diner called Diner?

We may not serve bottomless coffee, but we have bottomless information. Our aim is to make
the Usenet Diner a mobile yet hospitable hang-out for all those who want to find material on,
or relevant to, network ordering. Besides, can you imagine a Usenet four-star restaurant?

How can I get there?

The Usenet Diner can be found at These pages are lynx compatible.
A hypertext version of this FAQ is maintained at

So what's available?

The world of Usenet is big. Others have tried to gather all the information on Usenet in one location.
We will not even attempt to be compehensive. We have made certain choices in compiling the material
in accordance with our strong interest in Usenet self-governance. At present, the "menu" is organized
in four main parts:

* (Non-)human actors
* Usenet use and management
* Usenet culture
* Publications and research

Our "Seasonal Special": if you think you've seen everything,
go here for a more humorous approach to Usenet.

How can I help?

We expect the Usenet diner to grow, and it will become more useful and more fun as this occurs.
Comments and particularly suggestions for changes and additions are welcome.
Please use our guestbook or send an e-mail to .

Versions and contributions

June 24, 1997: Diner's Maiden Voyage; FAQ v1.1

(c) 1997 by Ute Hoffmann & Jillian Stamos-Kaschke (
You may redistribute this FAQ in any way as long as the content is not changed and this notice stays on it.