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Usenet Newsgroup Charter Archive Search
A list of archives of newsgroup traffic
Usenet Addresses Service (MIT)


FAQ By Group
Complete list of Usenet FAQs
FAQ By Group: news
UUNET-- Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet
Usenet Hierarchies: Config Files FAQ
Net legends mini-FAQs
How to Work With the USENET Community
Periodic postings: news.*
Cancel FAQ All about cancel messages on Usenet
moderated newsgroups FAQ
Usenet II FAQ
Teergrubing FAQ


What is Usenet? As seen by Gene Spafford
Re: What is Usenet? Edward Vielmetti's slightly different view
The Wonderful World of Newsgroups
MG's House of News Knowledge
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
The Usenet Tower is one of the buildings in the Downtown area of "Internet The City TM Online".
Usenet a few links pertaining to the subject
Yahoo! - News and Media:Usenet
SWITCH Netnews Homepage
Communicating With Newsgroups - Lesson Plan
Reading the News
Bradford Internet Guide (aka Roadmap): Lesson 11 - Usenet News
USENET Rules of Conduct & Etiquette
How the Usenet News Protocols Work Excerpt from the book "Electronic Mail" by Jacob Palme.
Web 101: Learn the Web (Hotwired)
Usenet Rapid Knowledge Transfer For Users, Providers, Developers.
Netnews", from "The Network Administrator's Guide"
USENET: For Business Use Only, Usenet and the Corporation These documents are designed to help others with policy issues of managing an Internet site from a Corporate Perspective.

finding newsgroups

master list of newsgroup hierarchies
List of Active Newsgroups
Index to archive of news.* newsgroups
The Newsgroups Info Center is the main part of the Usenet Info Center.
Infinite Ink's Finding News Groups

creating newsgroups

news.groups: A Survival Guide
How to create a newsgroup on USENET (trial group method)
Directory of /pub/usenet
Directory of /usenet/news.announce.newgroups/New_Usenet_Groups
Directory of /pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/news
Directory of /networking/news/config
Directory of /usenet/control/news
Directory of /pub/doc/usenet/news.announce.newgroups/New_Usenet_Groups

moderating newsgroups

S.T.U.M.P. Robomoderator Program ( 6-Mar-1996)

filtering tools

Social Filtering Practice in the Net
GroupLens Home Page

Net abuse and spam

The Net Abuse FAQ
An Alternative Primer on Net Abuse, Free Speech, and Usenet Usenet as seen by Dave Hayes
Current Usenet spam thresholds and definitions
alt.spam.FAQHow to figure out fake posts and emails
Anti-Spam Software
Blocking Usenet spam

storage calculators & maps

Usenet Topology
Top 1000 Usenet sites
Netscan Home
BorderWare USENET Storage Space Calculator - L4
Support - USENet Status
Usenet Growth Graphs
Revised Usenet Arbitron Results

International News coordination

RIPE Netnews-WG

news software

Usenet Software: History and Sources
In general, a good place to get recent versions of the more popular news transport and reading software by anonymous ftp is
software & tools
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Internet:Usenet

news transport

INN: InterNetNews

server software

Welcome to Joe's Diablo Patch Shop
News Gizmo


Free Agent (Windows)
Newswatcher (Mac)


Network News Transport Protocol
IETF NNTP Mailing List by thread
Directory of /ietf/nntp
NNTP Extensions (nntpext) Charter
Usenet Article Standard Update (usefor) Charter
Usenet Format (UseFor) List Archive
Directory of /uunet-info
Sprintlink USENET Service -- Homepage
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Internet:Usenet


RFC 850 Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages (June 1983)
RFC 977 Standard for the Stream-Based Transmission of News (February 1986)
RFC 1036 Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages (December 1987)
RFC 1327

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