PKI @ Berlin

PKI core group:
l2r: Claudia Nentwich,
Jillian Stamos-Kaschke,
Kai Seidler,
Ute Hoffmann,
Jeanette Hofmann,
Sabine Helmers

Image of dear little duplox and
it's living environment

Yes, we also study non-digital stuff

PKI in movement
plus Hilmar Schmundt entering the picture from the right side

Some of the People who joined PKI work for some time:

Valentina Djordjevic

Volker Grassmuck

Tilman Baumgärtel

This button is a collector's item for all
those vi fans. It is distributed by the
Boston Computer Museum.
Martin Recke gave it to the vi fan of PKI.

Last but not least - Das Finale

Preparing content and structure of the PKI cd rom