...it happened many times

Things we've started but which never came to an end

* An article about coffee culture

Andreas Wittel, Goetz Bachmann, Sabine Helmers: "Firmenkultur im Spiegel der Kaffeetasse."

* An article about reading and writing

* An article about Internet @ universities

* Phoning cavatina

* A report about an ethnographic fieldwork experiment

26.11 - 6.12.1994 was an event by ART + COM, Berlin, "Fenster im Netz". We did the experiment but never published any results.

* Successful hacking into a special target computer

You have waited for it but we failed

* An article about Internet and global culture

Heavy mail exchange about the very idea. No paper.

* Meeting Henk RL

* A smashy high tech web project about virtual suicide

Well, at least there is a collection of images...

* A paper about homesteading WWW

* And all the other papers and projects and cooperation initiatives and whatever which remain the idea only, no real outcome...

but it is never too late, isn't it :-)

p.s. Highly recommended literature in some dead-end cases of not writing:

THE GNN/DualCrew-Shining/uXu, 1998: "Writer's Block" and other stuff from uxu, Underground eXperts United. In other cases better time management is recommended. And, and...