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|> 1998

Jeanette Hofmann
 Topological Ordering in Cyberspace
EASST '98 General Conference, Lisbon, September 30th - October 3, 1998
Sabine Helmers, Armin Haase
 "enter hack mode"
quicktime version of a 7 min amiga video for 1. Cyberfeminist International, Hybrid Workspace of documenta X, September 1997
Jeanette Hofmann
 Being Near the Heart of Things - Political Authority on the Internet
Cultural Politics of Technology, Workshop organized by the Centre for Technology and Society, NTNU, Trondheim, June 15-16, 1998
Ute Hoffmann, Jillian-Beth Stamos-Kaschke
 Mission Impossible? User Meets Agent
Hyacinth S. Nwana & Divine T. Ndumu (Hg.), Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Practical Application of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Technology, The Practical Application Company Ltd., Blackpool, S. 173-189, 1998
|> 1997

Sabine Helmers
 A Brief History of anon.penet.fi
 The Legendary Anonymous Remailer
The Legendary Anonymous Remailer, CMC Magazine, Jg. 3, Nr. 9, 1997. http://www.december.com/cmc/mag/1997/sep/helmers.html
Ute Hoffmann
 Not Without a Body? Bodily Functions in Cyberspace
WZB Discussion Paper FS II 97-107, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, 1997
Sabine Helmers, Ute Hoffmann, Jillian-Beth Stamos-Kaschke
 (How) Can Software Agents Become Good Net Citizens?
CMC Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 2, Feb. 1997
|> 1996

Sabine Helmers, Jeanette Hofmann
 Ye Olde Internet Inn
 A Paradise Lost?

Sabine Helmers
 Intra Internet - Walking Through Wires
Hypertext contribution with digital photos by Armin Haase. Published on the sampler CD-ROM "Of(f) the W. W. Web, Netzkultur - Kulturnetzwerk" for the European Media Art Festival 1996, made by the Audiovisuelle Medien Institut (A.M.I.), Hildesheim, 1996
Sabine Helmers, Ute Hoffmann, Jeanette Hofmann
 Standard Development as Techno-social Ordering
 The Case of the Next Generation of the Internet Protocol
Management and Network Technology. Proceedings from COST A3 Workshop in Trondheim 22-24, 1995. WZB Discussion Paper FS II 96-104, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, S. 35-57, 1996
Sabine Helmers
 XS4ALL and XS2ALL Internet Information
T. Bass, G. Lovink, D. McCarthy & P. Schulz (Hg.), ZKP3 Reader @ Metaforum III, Budapest. Amsterdam: Nettime, S. 176-7, 1996
|> 1995

Sabine Helmers, Kai Seidler
 Linux: Cooperative Software Development and Internet
Proceedings of the First Dutch International Symposium on Linux - December 1994 in Amsterdam, Pages 56-59, State University of Gronigen, 1995

home page about us documents miscellaneous sitemap
home page about us documents miscellaneous sitemap

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