Pictures of a Project

Projektgruppe Kulturraum Internet: 1992 - 1998. Sometimes and unsystematically, just here and there and for the fun of the photographic moment we took pictures. Now, at the final phase of PKI we all digged deeply in our computers and desks, looking out for PKI pictures and put them together to a very fragmentaric collage of PKI moments. So, some of these collective collections of visual impressions of Projektgruppe Kulturraum Internet are assembled in the following web pages to give them to your eyes. Compared to our visual memory, this photo collection of course consists more of absences of images than of actual images which we put here.

PKI, Berlin

Pictures from Home

PKI @ Berlin

Some Duploxians

Without pictures: Things we've started but which never came to an end


December 1995, Party #1:
The Start of the Research Project "Netzkultur und Netzwerkorganisation" funded by Volkswagen Stiftung.
(Party #2 will be to celebrate the release of the final PKI CD ROM)

1994, 1995, 1996. PKI events
in Berlin (Kommunikationsnetze der Zukunft and a Meeting of Providers and Media People to discuss Internet Censorship Attempts) and Trondheim (Management and Network Technology

Some of the many People who visited us in Berlin

October 1996, Felipe Rodriquez

August 1997, Ronda & Jay Hauben

PKI on the road:

Some of the many Events, People and Places we've visited

General Travel Impressions

Amsterdam, December 1994, First Dutch International Symposium on Linux

Many Places, many Times, Meetings of the Internet Engineering Task Force

Amsterdam, September 1995, FF Feigl, working on Netband Projects @

Kassel 1995 & 1997, Interfiction

Leipzig, Wintersemester 1995/6, MUD Workshop.

Berlin, January 1996, PKI talked @ FU Berlin, Computer Science Department

Hannover, March 1996, cebit

Berlin, June 1996, Digital Media World

Osnabrück, September 1996, European Media Art Festival

San Francisco, February 1997, New Public Library

Bonn, May 1997, Bodily Functions in Cyberspace

Berlin, May 1997, hart.moderne

Almere, August 1997, Hacking in Progress 97

Kassel, September 1997, 1. Cyberfeminist International

Berlin, October 1997, HIP Video Online Editing with Dogfilm

Berlin 1998, MIKRO Lounge

London, March 1998, Intelligent PKI Agents

Outer Space

October 1997, A NASA/ESA Mission to Titan carries a cd-rom with messages.

thank you all